Kayley's Bedroom - 9/10/2000
Kayley's Room

Kayley's GIANT Barbie house

Here is Kayley and her gigantic Barbie house. I just about killed myself dragging that thing up three flights of stairs, but she sure is enjoying having it in her room! You may be able to see the tiny Barbie Imacs in the picture! LOL! Troy was appalled, but I guess Mattel thought they looked cool.
(By the way, the day I took this picture, I had just finished trimming Kayley's bangs - and they look pretty damn good, don't they? They're no more crooked than they are when I pay the stylist $15.00 to do them. Hooray for me.)

Kayley's bookcase, computer, TV chair, and part of her bed.    Kayley's bunk bed/animal sanctuary

As you can see, Kayley is terribly deprived. Some details she wants me to point out:

Kayley's collectible Barbies

This is Kayley's collectible Barbie shelf. Her Nan gets her a Holiday Barbie for Christmas every year. This shelf holds all the stuff Kayley's not supposed to play with.

Kayley's dresser, TV, and fish tank.

This would be Kayley's dresser - which I slaved over. We bought it used (as we did ALL her furniture) and it was an attractive shade of Tic Tac-green. It took me forever to sand that green paint off. The knobs are little bugs. Very cute. And you can also see Kayley's fish tank and her basket of Beanie Babies. And she made that kite on the wall at school.

The reason I had the camera out in the first place! Her new carpet!

Well, this was the reason I had the camera out! I wanted to snap some pictures of our new carpet. Isn't it pretty? I'm going to be EXTREMELY bummed the first time I have to scrape Play Doh out of it or clean up a soda spill. We've instituted a NO ANYTHING! rule for her bedroom. Well, she can take ice water in there, but that's it.So, there you have it! This is Kayley's room - neato, eh? She loves it, and so do I. Having a girl is so much fun.

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