Kayley had 14 kids over for her birthday!  They played in the backyard on the swingset, in the pool, on the slip 'n slide, and they all ran through the sprinkler.  It was hot and noisy and LOTS of fun!

The kids in the pool.

This is the balloon guy!  He was supposed to do face-painting too, but after we discovered it was water-soluble paint, it just seemed like a lost cause!  

The Balloon Man!

The balloon guy was VERY popular with the kids - he made crazy hats for all of them, plus swords and love birds and monkeys and kitties...

Lining up for balloon hats!

Kayley and I with our balloon hats!

That slip 'n slide looked like a lot of fun!  The grownups were wishing they could join in!  

The kids on the slip 'n slide.

The backyard kids

The piņata was SO much fun - it took 2 rounds of all the kids hitting it before it broke open...and when it finally broke, look out!  Kayley was hilarious - every time she swung the stick, she made this mad warrior "Yaaaaaaaa!!!" sound - a true Powerpuff Girl!


Score!!!  A mad dash for candy!  One of the Pixie Stix in the piņata broke while the kids were beating on it...and every time the kids would hit it, powder would fly out! 

Neighborhood babies making friends...Sasha and Chaz playing with the Elmo sprinkler.

Sasha and Chaz

Here is the cake that resulted from the 2 days I spent searching for Powerpuff Girl toys!  It was a white cake with raspberry filling - yummy!

Powerpuff Girl cake

Happy Birthday to you....

Time for the important stuff - presents!!!

Girl Power!

Girl Power!

A final look at the birthday girl!

The Birthday Girl!